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Fare Types

Hand baggage10Kg included10Kg included10Kg included
Checked BaggageChargeable23Kg (1pc)46Kg (2pcs)
MealChargeableSandwich + waterHot meal, salad, water & desert
SeatsChargeableFree seat (Row 8 onwards)Any seat (Including front row)
ModificationMinimum PKR 2500 up to 24 hrs*. Not allowed within 24 hrs.1 modification up to 24h*. Not allowed within 24 hrs.2 modifications Up to 6h*. Not allowed within 6 hrs.
CancellationMinimum PKR 2500 up to 24 hrs* (No refund within 24 hrs)Minimum PKR 2500 up to 24 hrs* (No refund within 24 hrs)Up to 6h* (No refund within 6 hrs)
Cash Refund ProtectionNot permittedNot permitted50% Cash refund (If refunded and claimed 24hr before departure)*
Priority Check-InChargeableChargeableIncluded


Modification/Cancellation Policy

*Fees and charges are subject to change.

1. For group bookings, modification and cancellation charges may vary. Please contact your issuing agency.

2. Fly Jinnah does not have a refund policy for bookings confirmed on fare types Basic and Value,  once the booking is paid for. On cancellation, Fly Jinnah will retain the remaining amount as a credit towards a future flight which can be used for travel within one year from the date of payment by the same passenger only.

3.Value Fare , you will be able to modify your booking once upto 24 hours prior to flight departure without a modification charge, only fare difference applies, cancellation will be restricted with penatly. Modification is not allowed within 24 hours before the flight.

4. Ultimate Fare, you will be able to modify your booking twice upto 6 hours prior to flight departure without a modification charge, only fare difference applies, or cancel your booking without a cancellation fee, up to 6 hours. Modification is not allowed within 6 hours before the flight.

5. Some reservations are not eligible for modifications such as promotional tickets, free gifted.

6. In case of No-Show passenger ticket is forfeited and only Govt. Taxes can be claimed.


Ultimate Fare - Process for Cash Refund

1. This benefit is applicable only on Fly Jinnah Ultimate fare type. 

2. CFAR will apply to the refundable and fully unused Ultimate fare paid by the passenger. 

3. The maximum refund amount is limited up to USD 100 per passenger per sector on domestic routes. (This will vary based on the fare you have paid) 

4. It is mandatory to cancel the booking any time before 24 hours from the scheduled departure, and immediately submit the CFAR refund request through the link 

5. CFAR Claims submitted within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure time or after the scheduled departure time of the flight will not be accepted.

6. Once the ticket fare type, cancellation date & time are validated, the passenger will receive an email confirmation of the 50% refundable portion. 

7. The 50% refund under the Ultimate Fare will be transferred to the passenger’s local bank account.


More details on CFAR process and terms & conditions